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Capital Credits

Watch the video above to learn more about capital credits!

Capital credits are unique to cooperative utilities like Kootenai Electric Cooperative. Private power companies make profits and pay dividends to stockholders. Cooperatives, on the other hand, work on a nonprofit basis and allocate their operating income back to their members.

Capital credits represent your share of the Cooperative's operating income (operating revenue remaining after operating expenses). The amount earmarked in your name depends on your energy purchases. To calculate this, we divide your annual energy purchase by the Cooperative's operating income for the year. The more electricity you buy, the more capital credits you earn.

Capital credits are not dollars in a bank somewhere. Capital credits represent funds that have been invested in the Cooperative's utility plant. The Board of Directors decides when the Cooperative is financially able to pay prior years' capital credit allocations.

Early Discounted Capital Credit Program

Capital Credits: Frequently Asked Questions

Unclaimed Capital Credits

Any person possessing an interest in unclaimed capital credits may obtain information concerning them from KEC. All claims for payment should be directed to KEC at 208.765.1200 or you may visit Idaho's Unclaimed Property website


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